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Immigrationlegal advice in Mexico for foreigners, we are in Cancun

Are you a foreigner and would youlike to live in Mexico? Or are you in Mexico but your immigration status isirregular? Or do you want to open a new business in Mexico? Contact us! We alsodo conferences via Skype from anywhere in the world. Our law firm maintains anexcellent standard of personalized quality. Excellent customer service is ourpriority, clarifying all your doubts and resolving them with great seriousness,professionalism, honesty and confidentiality, adhering to Mexican laws.

Our main objective is to give you theresults you expect and help you have a comfortable and excellent stay inMexico. Don´t do things in a bad way, do it better by legal means so thateverything is reliable and secure.


  1. Legal stay in Mexico (Temporary Residence, Work Permit or Permanent Residence).
  2. Employer records for companies (In case you want to hire foreign personnel).
  3. Employer record update.
  4. Renewal of the legal stay.
  5. Change of stay status from Temporary Resident to Permanent Resident.
  6. Visas for job offer or family bond.
  7. Regularize migratory status by family link.
  8. Open a business or invest in Mexico (partnerships, business association).
  9. Escrow.
  10. Citizenship.
  11. State and federal non-criminal background letter.



WhatsappCel: 9985772380 o al 9982368426.

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